Reflections from 2018 Promising Leadership Award winner, Allyse Freeman

It’s award nomination season, so we took a moment to check in with Allyse Freeman, recipient of the 2018 AMM Promising Leadership Award.

Where is the award now? Do you display it somewhere special?

Our museum has been extremely lucky to have received eight awards in the past three years for our exhibits and so we are working on creating a display near our admissions desk to demonstrate that we take history seriously. The Promising Leadership Award will soon be part of that display since it not only reflects what my peers think of me as a professional, but also what my peers think of the work we are doing as a group here at the Minnesota Discovery Center. It really is a collaborative effort and without having Donna Johnson as our Director and exemplary leader, I know I would not have been fortunate enough to have received this award.

How did it feel to be recognized by your peers?

Words really cannot describe the immense pride and joy I felt when I learned about receiving this award. I was actually in the middle of moving and was purchasing a new mattress at Slumberland when my supervisor called to inform me that I had received the award. I let out a pretty big scream and probably scared most of the patrons in the store, but I was too excited and honored to contain myself.

Anything you’d like to share with individuals considering a nomination?

While we work in a field that is often not glamorous or widely recognized, these types of awards help to reinvigorate our passion and remind us all about why we love working at museums and do what we do.

Great point, Allyse! Thank you for inspiring us all!

Considering an award nomination? You have until June 17 to submit your nomination for one of four AMM Awards.