Charity Counts

What makes a great museum leader?

During a recent Midwest Museums Connect Meetup, we asked members to help us brainstorm the qualities of a great museum leader. We considered what leadership should and should not look like, often inspired by personal experiences with past supervisors. In summary, here are the group’s thoughts on the qualities of […]

Announcing 2022 AMM Awards Recipients

We are pleased to announce the recipients of the 2022 AMM Awards and look forward to celebrating with you all during the upcoming conference and virtual events this fall. Best Practices Award Breaking Bread in McLean County McLean County Museum of History Bloomington, IL Breaking Bread in McLean County is a collaboration among […]

My collection is online. Now what?

In recent years – especially during the pandemic – museums have begun to share their collections online. Now many are asking “what’s next?” We reached out to our friends at Artwork Archive to help us generate a list of possible next steps for museums who want to expand the use […]