About AMM

Connecting museum professionals to resources and solutions across the Midwest that help them to better serve their diverse audiences.

Since its founding in 1927, the Association of Midwest Museums (AMM) has sought to connect museums across the eight-state region of the Midwest, including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. Our mission is to strengthen museums in the Midwest by providing nationally relevant, regionally specific programs, products, and networking opportunities. Through our programs and activities, AMM encourages professional standards for all areas of museum administration and provides cutting-edge information and resources to museums and cultural institutions in the Midwest and the greater museum community.

Some of AMM’s services and resources include:

  • A quarterly e-newsletter, NewsBrief, with news and information;
  • An annual conference with education and networking opportunities;
  • A Salary Survey for museum professionals;
  • Workshops and seminars;
  • Job listings on the AMM web site;
  • Access to special discounts and group benefits with museum service providers

Read the AMM By-Laws.

Our Mission: The member-focused Association of Midwest Museums connects and strengthens Midwest museums by providing nationally relevant, regionally specific, accessible programs, products, and networking opportunities that promote best practices.

Our Members

AMM’s membership includes over 500 professionals and students, museums and other non-profit organizations, and corporations that serve the industry. Our member organizations range from small county historical societies to large science centers located in nearly every market in the Midwest.

The largest professional event produced by AMM is the Annual Conference and Meeting, during which a range of individuals from emerging professionals to executive level decision-makers converge to exchange ideas, discuss industry trends, seek new resources, and network. The conference rotates among the eight Midwestern states and features the museums located within the host city and state. The program typically includes a mix of guest speakers, events, educational sessions, and an exhibitor and resource hall. Learn more: ammconference.org