Disaster Response & Recovery

Welcome to the Midwest Disaster Response & Recovery resource center. These resources and disaster response options were prepared in collaboration with representatives of the Midwest Regional Conservation Guild.

Help! Where to begin?

The following are our suggested first steps for individuals/organizations responding to a disaster:

1) Activate your disaster plan and call list, or grab your Emergency Response & Salvage Wheel. If you don’t have a plan or wheel, you can refer to the AIC “Emergency – If You’re First” list of steps and conduct an Initial Damage Assessment. Then move to step 2. (Don’t have a disaster plan and want to draft one? We’ve compiled a list of resources to help you get started.)

2) People first (safety and security). Connect with your first responders. Contact your local police, fire department, Red Cross, FEMA, and your insurance providers.

If you are allowed to enter the facility, consider these safety precautions: wearing masks, gloves and other PPE; wearing closed toed shoes/boots; and testing for mold (See CDC Mold Cleanup and Remediation).

If your staff, volunteers, or consultants are allowed to begin disaster response/recovery efforts, consider: keeping track of time and people; offering breaks, regular check-ins and meetings; and providing incident command training and information on how responders can stay safe (see CDC guidance).

3) Grab your Disaster Supply Kit. Don’t have one? Linked here is a list of things you might need in the event of a disaster.

4) We have resources to help with your next steps. Search our resource directory below by state, disaster category, or resource type.

How can we help?

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Disaster Response & Recovery Resource Directory

Need to be added to this list? Submit new resources using our online form. We will review and publish appropriate additions. Note that while entries into this database are vetted by AMM and MRCG prior to publication, we are unable to guarantee the availability or quality of the services of the consultants and organizations listed.

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Iowa Museums Archives Libraries Emergency Response Team (IMALERT)


Indiana State Library


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