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How to post a job

Step 1: Submit a Job: Submit open positions to AMM via our online form. It is required that you include salary information in the body of your listing.

Step 2: Review and Payment: Following review, we will review and publish approved listings. If applicable, we will contact you about preferred method of payment for listing fees ($.30 per word). Reminder: AMM member institutions and companies receive complimentary, unlimited listings each year and the $.30 per word fee is waived. If you are not a member of AMM, be sure to include your email address in the designated field or body of your listing or contact us to process payment.

Step 3: Publish: After payment or membership confirmation, we will publish your listing and promote available jobs weekly on social media.

All job listings on the AMM Job Board must include numerical salary or wage information.

This is one of many steps that AMM is taking in support of field-wide efforts to improve diversity, equity, access and inclusion in museums. We believe that pay transparency at the onset of the hiring process may help to ensure both a positive candidate experience and the best use of hiring managers’ and candidates’ time. We appreciate your support of efforts to encourage transparent hiring practices in our field.

Not sure how to list this information? Non-monetary compensation information (i.e. benefits) can be included in your listing, but we will require numerical salary information to post a position on our job board. You can enter this information in the body of your listing or using the form fields provided. Qualifying information includes salary ranges (Ex: $32,000-$38,000) or minimum offers (Ex: starting at $15.60/hour).

Need help with defining salaries or wages? We recommend resources such as the 2017 National Museum Salary Survey Report or the variety of resources available on the AMM member website (login required):

A number of our member institutions may be unable to directly reverse the policies of their parent institutions. Even though we are unable to include their open positions on our job board, you can access their listing pages here.