Celebrating 90 years of service to our museum community and our collective impact

The Association of Midwest Museums was founded in 1927 following a small conference organized by museum leaders from Michigan and Indiana. Inspired by the discussions that took place, those same leaders organized the Michigan-Indiana Museums Association.

In 1931, the organization engaged museums in Ohio to participate in the annual conference and by 1940, expanded to include Illinois and Wisconsin. It was at this time that the group officially changed the organization’s name to the Midwest Museums Conference. The MMC eventually became a private non-profit corporation in 1965.

The Association of Midwest Museums has evolved over time to include new states and become the organization you know today. We continue to adapt to the changing needs of our members as they work to become strong anchors in their communities and provide informal learning experiences.

In 2017, AMM unveiled a special 90th Anniversary video produced by Solid Light, Inc. in Louisville, KY.