Our Job Board is Changing

Like many of our peers, our organization offers a searchable job board on our website. Nearly a year ago, we began exploring changes to our job board policy, including the potential for requiring compensation information in all listings.

We spent time learning about the current policies and practices of museums within our community over the past year, listened to their questions and concerns, and compiled a variety of resources on our member website on the topics of pay transparency, salary equity, and more. We then invited members to endorse a new policy, and it was approved in a live public vote at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Effective November 1, 2019, all new job listings on the AMM Job Board must include a salary or wage range.

How to Post a Job on the AMM Job Board

Step 1: Submit a Job: Submit open positions to AMM via our online form. Include salary information in the body of your listing.

Step 2: Review and Payment: Following review, we will publish approved listings or contact you about preferred method of payment for listing fees ($.30 per word). Reminder: AMM member institutions and companies receive complimentary, unlimited listings each year. If you are not a member of AMM, be sure to include your email address in the designated field or body of your listing or contact us to process payment.

Step 3: Publish: After payment or membership confirmation, we will publish your listing and promote available jobs weekly on social media.

How to List a Salary or Wage Range

There are many ways to include a salary or wage range! In the body of your listing, please include any of the following information:

  • Range (Ex: $32,000-$38,000 or $15.60-17.80 per hour)
  • Minimum offer (Ex: starting at $15.60/hour)
  • Highest possible offer (Ex: Salary not to exceed $47,000)

NOTE: We recognize that some of our member institutions may wish to include compensation information in job listings but do not have direct control over their policies. This is particularly true of organizations governed by entities such as city governments or universities. While we may not be able to list these museums’ open positions on our searchable job board, we welcome direct links to their organization’s job boards for inclusion on an alternate page of our website. Please submit links to info@midwestmuseums.org.