Midwest Museums and Resources for Understanding Charlottesville

Like many of our members and community members, the staff and Board of the Association of Midwest Museums were shocked by the violent, hate-filled acts that took place in Charlottesville, Virginia on Saturday, August 12.


Some of our member museums have offered their reactions and reflections on Charlottesville to their communities over the course of the past week. We write today to share a few of those statements, as they capture so poignantly our own perspectives:
    • “The events in Charlottesville remind us why history remains relevant and how much work still needs to be done to create a society that is just and welcoming to all communities.” – Minnesota Historical Society


  • “We believe in inclusive freedom – all people enjoying rights and privileges of equal number, quality and kind.” – National Underground Railroad Freedom Center

Minnesota Historical Society Facebook Post

We encourage citizens living in the Midwest who are grappling with understanding the events in Charlottesville to seek resources and insights from the many museums in this region – from information about Jim Crowe-era statues like the one in Charlottesville to Civil Rights and discrimination in contemporary American life.


Recommended exhibits and museums:


Other resources: