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The Collections Specialist is a 3-year term position who will assist the Registrar in overseeing and documenting the movement, care, and maintenance of more than 45,000 objects in the museum’s galleries and permanent storage facility. This position is responsible for the coordination and scheduling of the retrieval/return of artwork for installations, viewings, exhibitions, loans, study, conservation, and photography as well as ensuring proper packing and handling for transit. This position is responsible for maintaining up-to-date inventories and our Collections Management System (TMS).

Department-Specific Responsibilities

Coordinates retrieval/return in a safe and efficient manner of the collections to/from offsite and in-house storage, working directly with the Preparators and Conservation. Oversees all movement of art with the Preparators, both at the museum and in offsite storage. This will include reviewing the condition of the artwork before and after transit as well as updating TMS.
Responsible for working with Preparators to bring artworks both to and from the William and Diane Itter Objects Study Room and Martha and David Moore Prints, Drawings, and Photographs (PDP) Study Room.
Inventories 10% or more of the collection a year at the direction of the Registrar.
Completes a quarterly physical review of the gallery inventories to ensure accuracy and the condition of the works in public spaces. Provides updated TMS reports for security staff following these reviews.
Directly responsible for reviewing the condition of the artworks, ensuring proper storage and housing; assesses required upgrades of the storage housing and works closely with the Preparators to prioritize housing needs.
Maintains schedules/records for freezing treatments and anoxia chamber treatments and oversees the scheduled treatments.
Works on Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for both the museum and the offsite storage facility: monitoring/maintaining pest traps and updating the Pest Management Database for changes and trends, which are reviewed with the Registrar and the Conservator monthly.
Ensures clean and safe conditions for the artwork and for people in storage spaces.
Monitors the temperature and humidity reports for the museum and highlights any issues promptly to the Registrar, Conservator, and Head Preparator.
Reviews data in TMS record for adherence to museum TMS standards.
Updates TMS with the physical characteristics of the artwork, such as dimensions, written descriptions in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines, marks, inscriptions, signatures, and other physical features not previously captured. Creates a digital file of the physical marks, seals, and signatures and uploads these images into TMS if no such record exists.
Creates inventory sheets for shelves, drawers, and Solander boxes and updates related TMS records as needed.
Updates location changes for all movement of the artwork both in/out of the building.
Reviews records in the Events Module with the originator of the event to ensure that the objects requested for retrieval are accurately recorded for each event viewing.
At the direction of the Registrar adds “Flex Field” group to artwork records that will be entered into Collections Online and reviews records for minimum requirements and formatting.
Monitors or coordinates monitoring for both Object and PDP Viewings. Works with the PDP Preparator to document these viewings in TMS.
Under the supervision of the Registrar, may assist with the installation/de-installation of the focal point galleries, PDP gallery, and featured exhibitions gallery.
May help prepare outgoing loans for packing as assigned by the Registrar.

Pay Range:  $38,000 – $42,000

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