Museum-Generated Fun For Social Distancing – from Midwest Museums

For many museum people and their families, the next few weeks of self quarantine and social distancing may seem overwhelming. Here’s a list of #MuseumatHome offerings from Midwest museums to help you balance work time with your kid’s e-learning assignments or conquer restlessness and boredom (for the whole family). We’ll get through this together!

Activities for Home

Looking for hands-on activities for the whole family?

Collections Features

These series, pages or posts focus on a look behind-the-scenes or provide access to favorites at museums that we currently can’t view in person.

Story Time

How about listening to stories read by museum educators?

Virtual Tours & Exhibitions

Visit Midwest museums virtually this month!

Oldies but Goodies

This list features some older museum programs and video series that still make us smile – we hope you will too!

Contact us to add your museum’s offerings to this page.