Anthropology Curator III (9-Month Position)

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The Anthropology Curator III is responsible for caring for collections and curating exhibitions through community-centered practices and collaboration. The individual develops and implements culturally appropriate care and access for museum collections. The position coordinates all aspects of museum exhibit programming, academic engagement, and community outreach in consultation with the Museum Director.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Oversee care and protection of museum collections, including development and implementation of collections policies, ensuring access and safety of storage and gallery facilities, and maintaining appropriate care of all museum collections.

In consultation with Museum Director:

  • Oversee most aspects of exhibit programming, including development of content, preparation of interpretive and publicity materials, work of staff and volunteers supporting exhibit, and installation/deinstallation of exhibits.
  • Responsible for collections development including provenance research, review and recommendation of potential acquisitions, and accessioning of accepted materials.
  • Organizes all aspects of community events for the Museum.

Minimum Required Qualifications (Civil Service)             


  1. Any one or any combination totaling three (3) years (36 months) from the following categories:
    1. college course work in anthropology, museum studies or a closely related field as measured by the following conversion table or its proportional equivalent:
      • 30 semester hours equals one (1) year (12 months)
      • Associate’s Degree (60 semester hours) equals eighteen months (18 months)
      • 90 semester hours equals two (2) years (24 months)
      • Bachelor’s Degree (120 semester hours) equals three (3) years (36 months)
    2. work experience that provided knowledge of anthropology or museum studies and techniques used in the preservation, restoration, and/or exhibition of museum collections.
  2. Three (3) years (36 months) of work experience in the the profession of anthropology curation including the storage, security, and exhibition of anthropological artifacts and management of collection records.
    Note: A Master’s Degree in Anthropology, Museum Studies, or closely related field may be substituted for one (1) year (12 months) of experience.


  1. Knowledge of anthropology.
  2. Knowledge of current market for acquisition of collections and artifacts.
  3. Skill in applying methods used in the development of collections.
  4. Skill in applying techniques used in the selection, evaluation, preservation, restoration, and exhibition of anthropological artifacts.
  5. Skill in interpreting collections and in communicating knowledge and information regarding them.
  6. Skill in oral and written communication.
  7. Skill in supervising others.
  8. Ability to establish records maintenance system.
  9. Ability to perform research to identify and authenticate anthropological artifacts.
  10. Ability to supervise the development of exhibit programs, ideas, and themes.

Preferred Qualifications (Civil Service)

  • Masters or PhD degree in Anthropology or related discipline
  • Three (3) years experience in collections management and exhibition curation
  • Demonstrated experience collaborating with communities to care for and curate cultural heritage collections.


$45,000.00- $47,740.56 (9-month earnings)


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