Special Collections Curator – Eugene Field Library

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The Special Collections Curator is responsible for all aspects of The Eugene Field Library. The Special Collections Curator will collaborate with Field House Museum (FHM/Museum) staff to create and enhance the collections, exhibits, and programs within The Eugene Field Library so that it is cohesive with the Museum’s mission. The Special Collections Curator will ensure the proper care and conservation of the Special Collections; conceptualize, develop, and implement exhibits focused on the artifacts within the Special Collections; develop and implement a robust program series; and create initiatives that promote the Eugene Field Library through research and grants.

Below is a general outline of the primary roles and responsibilities of the Special Collections Curator:

  • Oversee and maintain the Gleich & Zork Collections in accordance with accepted best standards:
    • Properly inventory, catalog, photograph, and document all artifacts and archival documents within the collections
    • Maintain records of all loans, including incoming and outgoing
    • Regularly search databases and other sources looking for potential items for the Special Collections
  • Has responsibility for security and oversees the daily activities in The Eugene Field Library
    • Properly care for and house all artifacts and archival documents to accepted best standards
    • Research and document the physical condition of materials, including possible treatments and/or enclosures for specific artifacts
    • Directly manage and personally supervise any public handling or research access
    • Respond to all inquiries about content within the Special Collections
    • Develop and maintain finding aids, catalogs, and inventories to facilitate access to the materials
  • Working with the Executive Director, plan and implement the Special Collections exhibits that promote the mission of the foundation
    • Work collaboratively with FHM staff regarding exhibition artifacts, content, installation timelines, and budgeting
    • Prepare exhibitions, including formulating exhibit themes, selecting artifacts, researching, writing and editing text, and drafting appropriate publicity (rack card, press release, etc.)
    • Install exhibitions and ensure artifacts are properly displayed to accepted best standards
  • Establish a strong program series that furthers the foundation’s mission by educating and generating public interest in the institution along with increasing attendance and revenue
    • Cultivate and facilitate the Museum’s Speaker Series, which includes guest lecturers, author talks, and panel discussions
    • Research, create, and implement educational programs, focusing on school tours, visits, and Museum School Days
    • Draft appropriate publicity for programs, including press releases, event descriptions, media mail postings, and social media imagery
    • Create a yearly program budget to be approved by the Executive Director
  • Create research, publication, and grant initiatives for The Eugene Field Library
    • Prepare quarterly articles for the Museum’s newsletter and other outside publications that showcase and highlight artifacts and archival documents of interest from the Special Collections, especially those that are or will be on exhibit or featured in programs
    • Develop an ongoing historical research effort to add to the historical depth of all exhibits and programs, especially taking note of those pertaining to The Eugene Field Library
    • Research and apply for public and private grants to underwrite programs, events, and collection management
  • Perform related work as required


  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent advanced learning attained through professional level experience
  • 1−2 years of related experience in museums, libraries, or archives preferred
  • Thorough understanding of information technologies, collections management software, and a knowledge of current standards, best practices, and emerging trends in Archives
  • Knowledgable in researching and writing grants, exhibit text, and scholarly articles
  • Background in the humanities with knowledge of current trends and research needs of scholars
  • Experience presenting to groups and working in tandem with the public
  • Ability to work in a team-based setting where consultation, flexibility, collaboration, and cooperation are essential
  • Ability to work independently of intensive supervision
  • Ability to build and sustain key relationships with donors, researchers, staff, and professional colleagues
  • Willingness to take on new challenges and opportunities with initiative and creativity
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills

The Special Collections Curator is a full-time position at $17.31/hour. Benefits include 10 paid vacation days, 2 paid personal days, and health care insurance.

To apply for this job please visit fieldhousemuseum.org.