Exhibits Maintenance Manager

Cincinnati Museum Center

Salary: $43,000-45,000 per year

Job Purpose:

Plans and completes ongoing maintenance for all elements of all permanent exhibits within the three museums of Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) at Union Terminal and other locations as deemed necessary, ensuring and/or providing emergency and ad hoc maintenance during all public and private open museum hours.

Duties and Responsibilities

-Plans, facilitates, and completes maintenance and upkeep of all permanent CMC exhibits lighting systems, displays, and equipment.

-Repairs, upgrades, and troubleshoots all electronic elements of all permanent CMC exhibits.

-Repairs, upgrades, and troubleshoots all lighting systems and lighting elements of permanent CMC exhibits, including bulbs and lamps.

-Repairs and maintains all of CMC’s pneumatic, plumbing, hydraulic, electrical and mechanical exhibits equipment.

-Ensures that all work is completed in compliance with OSHA and all other safety standards and requirements.

-Schedules and completes preventive maintenance of CMC’s permanent exhibits

-Trains CMC floor staff in operation and basic troubleshooting of permanent exhibits components and equipment.

-Serves as first response for any emergency repairs to CMC permanent exhibits during public museum hours and private event hours.

-Manages and does all purchasing for the budget for annual maintenance, repairs, and preventative upgrades to CMC permanent exhibits, working with suppliers to minimize costs of supplies (e.g., lamps, parts, electronics) and equipment.

-Collaborates with CMC staff to ensure that all Collections artifacts, specimens, etc. within CMC’s permanent exhibits are displayed securely, safely, and in accordance with required lighting and climatic conditions.

-Works with CMC museums’ floor staff, museum directors, and Exhibits Department to strategically execute ongoing maintenance, repairs, and proactive refurbishes and upgrades to permanent exhibits.

-Advises on work groups overseeing the upgrade and renovation of Union Terminal’s permanent exhibits.

-Assists Exhibits Department with installation and deinstallation of temporary CMC exhibits in changing exhibits galleries as requested.

-During periods when maintenance responsibilities are curtailed (e.g., exhibit closures or periods with light maintenance needs), assists th

-Completes other duties and responsibilities as assigned.


This position requires a candidate with a minimum of three (3) years of experience or equivalent educational and/or vocational training in a combination of the fields of construction, electrical wiring, and mechanical equipment maintenance. Strong knowledge of ALL of these fields is required.

Additional requirements for candidates include the following:

-Knowledge of electrical codes and building codes.

-Ability to read and work from building plans, scaled designs, and construction drawings.

-Ability to fabricate using a table saw, band saw, chop saw, planer, jointer, sander, and grinder, and experience with prepping and applying a wide variety of finishes on wood, metal, plastics.

-Extensive experience with programming, operation, and repair of exhibit and/or stage lighting and associated systems.

-Extensive experience with programming, operation, and systems maintenance (e.g., updating, and strategic upgrading) of PC and Mac format computers and their associated software, hardware, and applications.

-Extensive experience with operation, strategic maintenance and upgrading of all exhibit-related A/V equipment (e.g., playersdisplays, projectors, message signs, controllers, closed circuit cameras).

-Abilities in fabrication, painting, exhibits design, and carpentry.

assion for facilitating engaging informal learning, superb visitor experience, and creativity in exhibit maintenance and presentation in a dynamic nonprofit environment.

-Training and experience in use of 19′ and 26′ scissor lifts and fork lift (operational certifications are preferred).

Additional preferred skills include the following:

-Previous experience in exhibits, museums, theater, nonprofits, and trade shows.

-Sculpting, welding, mold and modelmaking, and the ability to operate 3D printers and CNC routers.

Working Conditions

Position is full time, operating primarily in a workshop and museum environment. Candidate must be able to problem solve, strategize, and adapt quickly, safely, and responsively with fullest commitment to facilitating superb visitor experience and inspiring CMC staff’s confidence in the quality and reliability of CMC’s permanent exhibits.

-Working hours begin at 6:30 AM every day, with a default weekly schedule of 8 hour work days, Monday through Friday.

-Maintenance Manager responds by phone, and if necessary in person to

staff-identified emergencies on weekends and holidays, engaging an appropriate backup point if unavailable outside of standard working hours.

Physical Requirements

-Must be able to lift 70 pounds.

-Must have reliable transportation and availability to respond to emergency calls at Union Terminal swiftly and dependably.

-Must be able to stand, walk, stoop, crawl into tight spaces, and climb ladders.

-Must be able to do the above repeatedly, and for long periods of time.

-Must wear safety equipment including but not limited to safety goggles, respirators, and safety harnesses.

To apply for this job please visit www.cincymuseum.org.